The Slippy - Wetsuit Sock

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We are all guilty at some point of becoming irritated and forcing our foot through our wetsuit leg hole with complete disregard for stretching out the fabric. You can now forget about using plastic bags on your feet when changing into a wetsuit, this will be the only accessory you’ll ever need for putting on a wetsuit.

The Slippy eliminates friction from your foot and hand sliding into the smallest part of the wetsuit. It is amazing how well it works and once you try it, you will always want one with you.

  • Eliminate ‘fingernail tears’, or gravel damage changing in the parking lot.
  • Wet suits (wet or dry regardless of the thickness) will go on 90% faster, how important is that when it’s cold !?
  • The Slippy has an elastic ankle & is just as effective on the hands.
  • Has a drying hook, a Re-enforced toe & OSFA.
  • Never overstretch your wetsuits again

Never fight with your wetsuit again!