Surf Lock - Premium Car Key Security Padlock

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Make no mistake this is the best surf key lock on the market!

Surf Lock is the original, quality built & trusted car key security padlock.

Nothing beats a Surf Lock, trust us, having your car keys securely padlocked while your out in the surf (or doing anything outdoors) is next level freedom. You literally become carefree, you don't have that niggling little thought in the back of your head to keep an eye on your backpack back on the beach... or if your key is still in your wetsuit zip pouch and hasn't slipped out.... or that thought we sometimes get when walking back to the car park worrying if find someone found your secret key spot on your car and driven off with it!

The Surf Lock can be easily attached to all different locations on your car, providing a safe and secure place to store your car keys or immobilizer while out surfing or enjoying the outdoors. When not in use, the lock is small enough to be kept in the glove box of your car.

Surf Lock is ideal for surfers, swimmers, outdoor enthusiasts - Boating, fishing, hiking, walking and jogging, basically any activity that requires you to leave your car and has the potential for your keys to go missing.

Don't become a statistic, there is nothing worse than finding your keys are gone after a great surf session. Take security seriously with Surf Lock and don't be left watching from your surfboard as someone drives off with your car!