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About Us

Our mission is to create a carbon neutral surf industry.

The Eco Friendly Surf Shop is a sustainably minded online surf retailer headquartered on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

We were founded by local surfers who live for surfing and love the oceans. We set ourselves on a mission to reduce the impacts of climate change in our industry and lead the way to empower other retailers to become more sustainable and ethical.

We aren’t going to bombard you with making drastic eco friendly or sustainable changes - that’s not realistic or practical, we are everyday surfers like you, and just like you we want to have a good time without causing excessive damage to our environment or others. We believe in the small changes - taking it step by step, no matter how big or small of a change you make it’s a step towards a carbon neutral future.

We aim to make it fast and easy to get high quality sustainable surfing gear for those who decide they want to start making small changes in their lives for the benefit of the planet and its oceans. By supporting carbon neutral, durable/long lasting surf products or eco friendly/more sustainable surfing gear we can reduce the amount of carbon or excess waste that is created.

We invest a portion of our sales revenue into planting trees in reforestation projects around the world to offset more carbon as well as investing in ethical, environmental or climate change fighting start-ups. We also invest in carbon offsetting and renewable energy projects around the world.

We are removing the stigma around "eco friendly" products being inferior products. We are making eco friendly products mainstream.

The Earth itself doesn’t need saving, it’s been around for billions of years and will continue to be around for billions of years to come and life will continue to live on and exist. It’s our current environment and oceans that’s being threatened by human activity and we want to help reverse these impacts

Whatever the swell may bring, we wish you all the best.

Love life,