Fight climate change & offset carbon with every purchase

We are determined to offset more carbon by planting trees in reforestation projects around the world with every purchase.

We believe we can do more by investing for the long term in carbon offset projects to help capture and remove tonnes of CO2 by planting trees in protected reforestation projects around the world.

We do this through Ecologi (formally Offset Earth) and their reputable tree planting partner The Eden Reforestation Projects.

With every purchase you make a percentage of the sale automatically goes to funding the planting of five trees through Ecologi’s reforestation projects (we have increased this from 2 trees per order).

You can view the number of trees that have been planted from our customer purchases since launching this initiative on the 28th of June 2020 here.


Total number of trees funded and planted: 


 We plant trees with Offset Earth


If your favourite retailers don’t offer any form of carbon offsetting or initiatives then ask them why not!?