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Kun_Tiqi is working towards creating a sustainable surf culture.

Based in Spain, Kun Tiqi is a leading Balsawood surfboard shaper that has also partnered up with the European Surfrider Foundation to develop one of the strongest and most environmentally friendly surf leashes in the world - the Eco Leash.

Kun_Tiqi focus on ensuring the quality of their surfboards and surf gear meet the highest standards. They spend 60 hours shaping each surfboard which says a lot about their attention to design, detail and quality.

Kun_Tiqi are making waves in sustainability within the surf industry and helping keep our oceans clean. They do this through supporting the Balsa wood plantations they use for their surfboard manufacturing and using fully recycled materials for all parts of their eco leashes which reduces both landfill and a surfers carbon footprint.

On top of this Kun_Tiqi use funds from their Eco Leash sale proceeds to also support the Surfrider Foundation Europe who are cleaning up our oceans.

You can now get the Kun Tiqi eco leash from us! Check out our big range of Kun_Tiqi eco leashes here.