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9' 1" Mal Cork Rails by Tree to Sea Australia

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Individually handcrafted complete with cork rails by Sea to Tree Australia from nature. This is a great board for all surfers, and is one of the most popular boards made at Sea to Tree Australia.


An easy paddler that catches waves with ease. This sustainable surfboard is crafted using local natural woods with a combination of traditional designs, modern techniques and materials to produce a high quality strong and durable eco board.

Whether you're new to surfing or an old pro this board suits everyone and all skill levels.


A truly beautiful and stylish longboard that doesn't sacrifice performance.




9' 1½"   22¾"  3"

69.44 L


Cork Rails



Build time can take up to 4 weeks and may vary.

All boards will vary in colours/patterns/appearance from the display pictures due to being uniquely handcrafted.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns :)