Balsa Handboard by Riley Balsawood Surfboards

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These Handboards are made from Australian grown sustainable solid balsa with 3 cedar stringers.

They are all cut, laminated, shaped and glassed in Australia.

The design has a flat deck around nose area for your stick on gopro mount.

Each board is individually handcrafted and shaped by Mark Riley.

The boards are finished with a durable polyester resin and polished to a beautiful finish.

The one size fits all rubber strap is strong and durable.

These boards give you more speed to catch a wave and lift you out of the water for better control and planning. These handboards suit all types of surfers from beginners to advanced, any age or those who just want to avoid being dumped and sliding down the wave on a close out!



(12"   x   8½"   x ​  3/4")



Build time can take up to 4 weeks and may vary.

All boards will vary in colours/patterns/appearance from the display pictures due to being uniquely handcrafted.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns :)