Kun Tiqi - 6ft Eco Leash

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Kun_Tiqi is leading the way in sustainable surf culture.

The Kun Tiqi “Eco Leash” was developed in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation Europe and is one of the most environmentally friendly surfboard leashes in the world.

The 6ft x 7mm Eco leash is made from recycled materials: The urethane cord, the cuff and even the rail saver are made of recycled nylon and neoprene material which greatly reduces the carbon footprint of each surfer.

Kun_Tiqi focus on ensuring all materials used in the eco surf leash are developed to the highest quality standards and undergoes extreme testings to ensure these eco leashes perform in the heaviest and most demanding surf conditions.

The Kun Tiqi Eco Leash is truly setting the benchmark high on quality and sustainability without compromising performance.

Furthermore each eco leash part can be replaced, so if you snap a cord or tear a cuff you will not need to replace an entire leash, just simply purchase the replacement part, you can do this by going to our Surfing Parts & Replacements section. By doing this the Kun Tiqi Eco Leash is also helping reduce landfill waste and preserving our natural resources.

You get a 12 month guarantee on all Kun Tiqi eco leashes. 

If all that wasn't enough, Kun_Tiqi donates a portion of eco leash sales to the Surfrider Foundation to help protect the oceans and coastlines.