EcoPro - 2 Piece Fish Tail Pad

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Fully developed in Cork agglomerate, the 2 Piece Fish Cork Traction Pad combines traction, comfort and durability. These tail pads use the natural traction that cork create when wet, they have been designed and developed to get the most traction when in contact with water.

Cork  is 100% natural, elastic, impermeable, lightweight, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. 

Made from cork oak, one of the only trees whose bark regenerates over the course of its lifetime around 250 years, and can be harvested about 15 times making it an extremely sustainable source of material.



100% Cork Agglomerate


Important tips & instructions for applying EcoPro traction pads:

Please read carefully the instructions below to help you to place the traction pad on the surfboard:

 - Read the instructions inside the box, placed below the Pad.
- Once the adhesive touches the board there is NO GOING BACK - ITS STUCK ON.
- To remove the paper adhesive more easily, apply a little friction.


Remove all dirt, dust and wax, use a green or sand wash to clean and scrub the area where the pad is going to be placed, even if it's a new board.


To make sure there is no grease on the surface, observe the reflection with the right angle light.

Slide some paper towel across the surface to double check if there is still any grease residue left on the surface.