Folly Co - Eco Conscious Red Tail Pad

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Less is more. This tail pad is completely design and packaging free to provide a clean minimalist look that results in excess waste and carbon being eliminated during the manufacturing.

By greatly reducing the amount of single-use plastics involved in manufacturing, design printing and packaging the amount of energy used for each tail pad produced is far less than conventional tail pads.

This Folly Co eco-conscious 3 piece traction pad is also composed of 10% cork and has 2.75 cm of kick to keep your feet engaged on every wave.

Folly Co. produces eco conscious surf gear with attention to quality and detail at an affordable price for everyday surfers and pros alike.

On top of this Folly Co. commits to donating 5% of their profits back to charities that support the environment in local communities. They are for the eco conscious they are Folly Co.


27.5mm Kick

10% Cork component

Clean - No designs or packaging.