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Froth - Pink Surf Wax

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Suitable for water temperatures ranging from 8˚C - 30˚C (46˚F - 86˚F)

Easy application, softer wax in bright pink.

Froth® Surf Wax is a performance grade surf wax designed for competitive surfing and is used by pro surfers all around the world.

Using premium quality materials and a unique membrane formula developed from decades of research and development Froth® Surf wax is lasts longer and won’t leach oils into the ocean.

Quick facts:

  • Froth® Surf wax is designed not to melt off your board even in the car or in your board bag on a hot summers day!
  • Froth® Surf wax will give you traction on your board up to 6 times longer than other wax brands.
  • Froth® Surf wax does not need to be wax combed. If applied correctly it will not smudge or get bare patches appearing on the deck. Just a quick fluff up with a little bit more wax between surfs is all you need.

The wax contains no petroleum jelly or plastics in the formula and is one of the most ecological wax brands on the market. Being manufactured in the Byron Bay region means you are supporting an Aussie surf business.