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Green Grip Warm Surf Wax


Warm water temperatures 15°C + (59°F+)    | 75 gram wax block | 100% Australian made.

Green Grip warm water surf wax is made with high quality natural and biodegradable ingredients. Providing long lasting performance level traction in all surf conditions.

All the ingredients and materials used in the Green Grip Surf Wax are from sustainable sources in Australia. And because Green Grip sources all the ingredients domestically the carbon footprint of each wax block is reduced even more. Founded by a local female surfer Green Grip is 100% Australian made.

The Green Grip Surf Wax formula is made up of just a few natural ingredients:

  • Certified organic Australian beeswax from local Australian Green Grip partners
  • Certified organic ethically and sustainably sourced coconut oil
  • 100% pure Australian natural essential oil

NO toxic ingredients means NO impacting or harming our precious Oceans and marine life.

By choosing Green Grip Surf Wax, you can be assured that your purchasing one of the most eco friendly and sustainable surf waxes there is that supports a range of local Australian businesses.