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HB by Eco Evo Surf


The HB (Hot Butter) is all about style.

This board is 60's inspired with modern foils for all-round log riding with flair. It has it all covered, curvy hips around your back foot allow smooth turns and rail transfers you wouldn’t expect from an old style log, while the full roll throughout the bottom keep the trim flowing on all parts of the wave. This longboard is meant to be surfed nose to tail, perfect for the points with sections or glassy beach breaks.

Set up a section and get to the nose and be blown away by how well it hangs back in the pocket flowing with the speed of the wave. 

Eco Evo Surf stands for the Eco-friendly Evolution of Surfing.

They are an Australian owned and operated business leading the way in eco friendly surfboards.

All Eco Evo surfboards are made right here in Australia and they are generally made of 3 main components:

  •  Recycled foam blank - Up to 65%.

  • Flax Cloth - Flax is edible and one of the most sustainable plants on the planet.

  • Bio based Resin & Hardener - This is non-carcinogenic, meaning it’s safe for shapers and there is no leaching into the environment.

On top of that they plant 5 trees for every board they build, meaning they are carbon neutral.

If you add that to the 5 trees we plant for every order that’s a total of 10 trees that will be planted for every Eco Evo surfboard purchased through the Eco Friendly Surf Shop website.