Marlin 7" Ocean Storm Single Fin

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The Marlin 7" Single Fin is a high quality surfboard fin designed to give you maximum performance in all types of surf conditions.

The Marlin 7" single fin is one of the most sustainable fin choices on the market as it does not compromise performance and is designed to outperform most other fin brands in its class.

This single fin is manufactured and designed in Portugal following years of research and development. Not only is this fin made from reclaimed waste materials but is also 100% recyclable making it one of the best choices in sustainable surfing.

This quality longboard fin provides the best value for money.

 Base: 13.5cm

Depth: 17.5cm

Rake: 6.5cm


Please note that all fins will vary in colour and patterns from the display pictures. This is because all Marlin Fins are made from recycled materials resulting in slightly different colour patterns for each set.