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Purler COMBO Surf Wax Pack


This Purler Combo Pack contains:

1 x 50 gram Top Coat wax block | Natural beeswax and lemon myrtle scent

1 x 50 gram Base Coat wax block | Natural beeswax and lemon myrtle scent

Suits water temperatures ranging from: 9°C -18°C (42°F - 64°F)

The super sticky combo that wont let you slip.

The Purler Base Coat provides a great foundation while the top Coat provides long lasting traction. Using both Purler top coat and base coat together gives you the best performance in all surf conditions.

100% natural organic surf wax that's completely marine and reef safe, it does not harm the environment in any way. Only natural and organic ingredients, there are no chemicals or paraffins used in Purler wax.

Handcrafted in Australia all their natural ingredients are sourced from within South Australia. Purler is a locally owned and operated eco surf brand whose mission is working towards reducing ocean pollution.

All Purler packaging is biodegradable. Each block comes in a reusable hessian bag which is shipped in a cardboard box.