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SCARFINI - Futures Eco Fin - High Performance Thruster Fins

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The Scarfini FX3 ML is a high performance thruster set up design to suit any type of surfboard in all wave conditions. The Scarfini Eco fin series is made with 3 natural materials: Hemp base, Cork core and Bamboo tip.

These fins have a well balanced template with a medium base and medium tip. They are ideal for all types of surfboards in all conditions.

Hemp is one of the strongest natural textile fibers, making it excellent for a rigid fin base. This combined with a cork core that reduces weight and the bamboo tip pattern replicates a solid fin's flex.



Single tab (Futures compatible)

Medium Large size: 70kg - 90kg (150lbs - 195lbs)


Base: 114mm  /  4.5"

Height: 117.5mm  /  4.63"

Area: 9920mm²  /  15.38²