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SCARFINI - HX Air Medium - Performance Thruster


The lightest fins available that float in water!

These are serious performance fins that will have you craving it up on the biggest waves. 

These engineered fins provide a controlled and fast flex memory that feels more responsive and smoother through turns.

An upright and less curved template produces and maintains high speeds. The smaller center fin allows for quicker tail releases. 

These fins excel in powerful conditions!

The Scarfini Air Fins feature an eco friendly core made of 10% recyclable compound and the other 90% is just air! 



Dual tab fins (FCS) 

Medium size 60kg - 80kg (130lbs - 180lbs)



Base: 113mm  /  4.5"       Height: 117mm  /  4.61"    Area: 9780mm²  /  15.20²



Base: 111mm  /  4.37"     Height: 115mm  /  4.53"    Area: 9520mm²  /  14.75²