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Shapers Eco-Tech - Small Performance Thrusters


The Shapers Eco-Tech thruster set is a performance setup with a wide base and a medium to large rake.

The Eco-Tech is purpose built for a wide variety of conditions from small beach breaks to long reef setups and points. The Eco-Tech thrusters are a  high performance environmentally friendly option for surfers who want a sustainable fin without losing any performance value.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems.

Free fin key included in a zip up eco fin pouch.




SMALL: 35-60kgs / 100-130lbs

Side Base: 113mm | 4.45"
Side Depth: 109mm | 4.29"
Side Sweep: 32 degrees
Side Foil: Flat

Rear Base: 115mm | 4.53"
Rear Depth: 112mm | 4.41"
Rear Sweep: 32 degrees
Rear Foil: 50/50