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Surf Organic - Cold Water Surf Wax 100g

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Surf Organic Surf Wax is made from a blend of renewable and high performance ingredients. There is absolutely no artificial scents (100% organic coconut essential oils), due to the soy wax base it is naturally softer and stickier.

Surf Organic Wax is truly a product surfers demand in their wax, beads on extremely well, and is well up there as one of the stickiest waxes on the market and stays on your board, not on you. All Surf Organic wax is packaged from 100% recycled boxes.

As surfers we are very aware that surfers simply won’t compromise on a performance wax which is why Surf Organic came up with the perfect balance of eco-friendly ingredients and a performance product.

Cold Water Surf Wax: 15°C (59°F) and below