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Surf Sock - Purple Passion


Surf Sock is the fastest way to slip into your wetsuit. It’s strong, long lasting and made from recycled sail offcuts right here in Australia.

Surf Sock is one of the best eco options on the market. Not only is it made from recycled sail offcuts, it also reduces the amount plastic bags ending up in our environment by permanently eliminating the need to use a plastic bag when putting your wetsuit on.

The Surf Sock also increases the lifespan of your wetsuit by reducing the wear and tear that comes from excessive stretching when pulling your wetsuit on.

Simply put the Surf Sock on your foot like a sock or over your hand like a glove and slide your wetsuit straight on.

Once you use a Surf Sock, you will never not use it... And you will never need a plastic bag again.

Designed and made in Australia from recycled materials.

Guaranteed to last.