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Car Key Beach Lock

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This is the go to lock box if you want security and the functionality of being able to store multiple keys or small items securely.

Made strong to resist hammer or saw attacks this lock box has a built in shutter to protect the combination lock in all weather conditions preventing the mechanism from seizing up or getting stuck. It's also extremely easy to set or reset your combination code (Instructions are included).

It's reinforced metal moulded body helps withstand hammering and sawing attacks.

The handle is removable allowing you to lock it onto difficult to-get-to places and you even have the ability to wall mount this lock as well.

With internal housing dimensions of 85mm x 62mm x 30mm this lock can store multiple keys or small items. 

So if your a surfer like us, swimmer, beach goer, snowboarder, AirBnB owner, real estate/property manager or any outdoor enthusiast in general that needs to leave a key or small items protected then this lock is your best friend.

12 Month Warranty.