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UFO Wax - Warm Surf Wax


Suitable for warm water temperatures 20˚C - 26˚C (68˚F - 79˚F)

UFO surf wax is one of the newest surf waxes on the market. A performance grade surf wax, UFO surf wax contains no micro plastics and is made from a food grade paraffin.

As well as making high quality high traction surf wax they are also having a BIG impact on the fight against plastic waste.

If you want to use an ethical and socially good surf wax that is truly making a difference in the world then this one is hard to beat.  100% of the UFO surf wax profits goes directly to organisations working hard to remove plastic from our planet - that's 100% of their profits. This includes the following organisations.


Started by two young girls when they were just 10 and 12 years old with the aim of educating the masses and removing plastic bags this grassroots NGO is transforming the waters around Bali. UFO is an official partner in supporting their efforts in Indonesia and across the world.


Developed in Australia this breakthrough technology known as Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor or Cat-HTR recycles plastic waste (including non recyclable plastic waste) back into new plastics or synthetic oils. By recycling and upcycling plastic waste this technology allows countries to go plastic neutral and help rid plastic waste that ends up in landfill and the environment. UFO are proud supporters of this revolutionising technology.


...And if that wasn't enough just remember that with each purchase you make with us five trees are planted in reforestation projects around the world, so for buying just one block of UFO surf wax you are doing great things for the planet!